Your Heart Is Being Asked To Stretch

Conversations with Yeshua.  This is channeled material, edited minimally for clarity only. It is personal information given to me and my husband Stan, but relevant to many situations and this is one I am asked to share with the world.  This conversation happened in the wee hours of the morning on August 13, 2017. 

You are hearing us correctly.  A short while ago we told you, “This is what consciousness needs to awaken.”  Remember nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists.* So as you and millions of other become more and more conscious, but live in a sea of unconsciousness, these ripples and waves and whirlpools will happen where consciousness comes face to face with unconsciousness.

Some people wake up in a moment of great beauty. Some people wake up in moments of great sorrow. Some people wake up in a moment of great determination when they recognize their own power and connection.Gate in Findhorn

We know you are troubled about the hatred made visible at Charlottesville. And we’ll speak to that. We’ll let Linda move a little further to one side first.

L: So this is Linda speaking.  Jesus, Yeshua, my intention is to step completely to the side and allow your guidance to come through unadulterated. To allow pure love to come through me, to speak through me, without the filter of, the contamination of fear. To bring words and energy that are guiding lights and hope to the people of this planet. To open my heart and my mind to receive as a channel accurately with presence.

What if you saw the angels present?

You cannot avoid the feelings of sorrow and dismay but you can contain them. You can shorten them by your remembrance of what is true. What if you saw the scene in Charlottesville and could also see there were thousands of angels present. And incredible love and power. In the humans as well as the angels. That all those persons met there on purpose to further the cause of awakening, to provide contrast and allow people to make decisions, to step up.

You are asking in your mind about friends of yours who have supported this leadership and now you haven’t seen them for a long time. Just know that they and millions of others are going through their own dark nights of the soul. While you may be struggling with dismay and even recoiling in disgust they are struggling with their part in this unfolding of events.

This is an important sequence for them and others. While it’s appropriate to mourn and to have your own emotions it’s also important to move out of them as quickly as possible. Back into gratitude and vision and faith. Don’t allow yourself to be stuck in this quicksand of hatred and despair.

Reaching across divisions

At any moment you can look at that or you can look at the tremendous reaching across of divisions that’s happening. It’s just as real and it is definitively going on right now. See it and listen for your part and turn your attention to the things you want more of.

Devices to help your own fear subside – Tapping would be good, the tapping sequence would protect your own energy. This will bring you the energetic equivalent of Wonder Woman’s wrist guards, deflecting the energy, which does not mean that you don’t go stand on the streets or do whatever it is you are guided to do.

But while you may attend only one event a week, your energy is active at all times.

Stan do you have any related questions?

S:  Do we simply stand and let it be known we don’t support this or is there another more active step?

You will feel your own guidance, don’t overlook your power. It’s a question to ask yourself throughout the day — what is mine to do in relation to this?

What happened was an energy shift

We encourage you to get together with others that are equally involved. Not to wallow in despair or to play “ain’t it awful,” but to actually pray and plan together. People look at external events and believe that they happen in isolation, this external event happened, this external event happened, but in actuality what happened was an energy shift. What was witnessed yesterday was the rage of those who’ve been living in fear and feeling unheard. They made their fear and all of the anger and judgment and hatred that goes with it visible yesterday. It’s understandably frightening to those that are not living in that level of fear, who were unaware of it.

So your energy, and your authentic energetic response is always valuable. Then you discern what is yours to do in the physical world as well.

We see and we encourage you to see a world of peace and connection and mutual respect, of tenderness and healing, of miracles. A world living on active love, awakened love, connective love.

Keep your energy in a place of love

We can’t tell you how long till this happens, but we can tell you you are right on track with the steps so at the same time you want to sink into despair and retaliation, instead sink into the nothingness, sink into peace and from there choose your next step. It is so important to keep your energy in a place of love, as you hold these events in your heart and experience the pain that they cause.   

Your heart is being asked to stretch, to encompass those with small eyes and cold hearts and say YES, and you are part of me, YES and you are part of us. 

No, you can’t do that physically. They would only bristle. But energetically you can do it and it is immensely powerful.

Take care of yourself energetically. Be honest about your feelings. Use tapping and prayer and meditation to bring yourself back to center. Then allow the actions that feel exactly right to you to become part of your experience. Spend that time in prayer and meditation and ask what is mine to do. But we assure you that what is yours to do first and foremost is to stretch your heart to encompass all of this. Then take care of your self.

We are always available individually or as you come together like this.  The more you practice this the more accurately you will hear.

* from A Course in Miracles introduction

received August 13, 2017

Conversations with Yeshua.  All rights reserved Linda Chubbuck 2017.  

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