People Find You When You are Shining Like This

Conversations with Yeshua.  This is channeled material, edited minimally for clarity only. It is personal information given to me and my husband Stan, but relevant to many situations and this is one I am asked to share with the world. From a conversation with a client.  


Client:   I wonder if you have any comments about my writing.  Last night I had an experience stimulated by a discussion with a friend who was very troubled.  I thought the discussion went pretty well and I was able to support her, but then in the middle of the night I lay awake for more than an hour with this kind of as-yet-unwritten blog post. Sometimes it’s hard for me to believe that this level of wisdom is coming through me. That it’s really trustworthy and it’s not just my ego. This applies also to my poetry. I feel kind of in awe of these things that come to me, and yet sometimes I don’t really honor them by writing them down.

That’s very well put. It is a condition of being human. Some people are gifted with this wisdom from early in life, and some open up to it as they mature and lessen the grip of the ego. Human artists are gifted with wisdom that is unique to them, but comes through many of them with a higher level of understanding, a higher level of awakening than they are ready to live.

This is the normal state of humanity. If you honor that gift and choose to grow with it by writing it down,  you still have the freedom to be the Censor.  You have the freedom to say, “Well, that one’s not going out into the world!” or  “Man, that’s good!” and get feedback by sharing it.

If you commit to doing that, the gift you get is that gradually you have your own coach, your own wisdom, your own counselor.  All you have to do is make some effort to open your eyes, and to benefit from what’s coming through you.

You have experienced that people respond to things that have come through you that seem very personal to you, and that to some extent you don’t even feel you have completely got yourself. You’ve stated that you can coach a young person and they will get it and here you are still struggling with the same issue.

C. Yes.

Universal Hall at Findhorn Stained Glass

This is not uncommon.  You can receive wisdom through you that is a higher level of awakening than you can sustain. That’s the irony. But the benefit is that if you continue to work with what’s coming through you, as your gift to yourself and to humanity, you almost inevitably will grow. It’s very difficult to keep bringing this material through and stay asleep.

C.   Well, I’m doing the best I can. I understand.

And so, if it seems worthy, put it down. You still get the right of censorship. But you’ll see, as you did with your poetry book, that there’s value in it, to others and to you. You could read through your book of poetry every few months and let it zing you.

C.  Yeah. 

“Oh my gosh… I didn’t understand that back then but now I do.”  This is normal for humans.  It may not be talked about much, but it is normal.

Artists don’t want to say “I didn’t really understand that when I wrote that book or that song.”  And then some of them gradually begin to live into the wisdom of what they’ve been putting down.  But it is there for you.  It’s also there for others.

Even if it seems foolish, when you have a strong urging to write it down we encourage you to do that and then decide later what is its fate.

C. Well it doesn’t seem foolish, it seems amazing. I’m kind of fascinated by the ideas that are coming. So far I’ve not had the time today to sit down and type it up.

This is how Linda experiences the channeling. It was 23 years ago that we first made contact with her.  It’s only been the last couple of years that she really considered the possibility that this connection might have gifts for herself and for the world— in what comes through her.  We ask you to consider:  if you were to regularly write when something comes to you that seems amazing, whether it’s a poem or a concept or a blog, that you write it down, soak it up, and share the ones that seem appropriate.

Can you consider how over the course of a few months or a year, that your life might change because of it?

C. Yep.

This is truly available to humans. But the reason it seems so extraordinary is that so few humans choose to listen. Your sense and Linda’s sense of amazement and shock are multiplied many hundreds of times over in ordinary humans… not that you are not ordinary humans but you understand what we mean.  You are both, to some degree, listening.

For most people the sense of immersion in the culture and the status quo are so strong that something that might disturb the status quo is just beyond their ability to see or hear. So the fact that you can both see and hear this is remarkable and you have arrived in a very tiny percentage of the human race.  But a very powerful percentage of the human race, as this is where the growth happens. This is where the unconditional love can break through.

People find you when you are shining like this.   

Channeling from 6-17-17

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  1. dawn
    July 3, 2017

    awesome! i had to chuckle at ‘all the things i’ve written down’ over the years!!! recently i had the idea to compile them in a book for ‘my future self’ to find….the one who will always treasure and seek out books of ancient wisdom, thus showing me a ‘lighthouse’ of ways to play this game of life! thanks~ hugs & luv


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