Working with Linda

Linda creates a customized program suited to each of her clients individual needs. Below are some of the more common ways people work with Linda.  Call her directly for a free 30 minute consultation on your best path forward.  816-246-6871

Channeled Insight Sessions

Schedule a session with Linda to access the same Guidance available in Linda’s Conversations with Yeshua blogs and writings. These Conversations contain wisdom, love, insight, guidance, and sometimes a bit of a push in the direction of empowerment and authenticity. They frequently hold strong images as well to encourage the participant to move forward. Learn More….

Vocal Coaching – Find Your Voice with Linda

It’s time for you to set your voice FREE. No more hiding or singing only in the shower. No more playing it small on stage. Linda will help you reach deep within to bring forth the roaring sound of song and the spine-tingling energy of harmony waiting to be discovered in you. Learn More…

Change Your Life – Classes & Workshops with Linda

Gather together with others seeking to unleash the power and life force energy found in the voice. Through practical exercises and enchanting play, Linda helps participants experience the joy of song and the mystical truths behind the Principles of Harmony. Learn More…

Live Your Song – Life Coaching with Linda

Life Coaching in Kansas City

Linda has a lifetime of practice using the Principles of Harmony as a guiding force in her life. Working with energy, vibration, the voice, and principles of harmony, Linda helps her clients to actually feel vibration happening in the body, facilitating shifts in mind, heart and behavior bringing about a more aligned and desirable life. Learn more…

Unlock Your Potential – Visionary StoriesTM

Life Coaching in Kansas City

What are your dreams and desires? What is standing in the way? A Visionary StoryTM can activate the power of your subconscious to act as an ally rather than a barrier to achieving your goals. Linda accesses and captures an intuitive vision (a metaphor or myth) of your journey to inspire you to stay the course. Learn More…