Be Harmony – Life Coaching


Put Harmony Principles into Action in Your Life

Working with Linda one-on-one is a journey to mastering a harmonious life. This doesn’t mean it’s a life free from conflict – on the contrary, it’s conflict that will give you the opportunity to practice mastery.

As a life coach, Linda works with energy, vibration, sound, songs, imagery and metaphor.  She works with both singers and those-who-have-not-yet-realized-they-are-singers to recognize and incorporate principles of harmony as a tool for transformation.

In “Harmony Within” coaching, Linda guides you to practice your own voice, your own breath, your own sound.   Identifying the colors of your voice, your desires, and your connection to the breath is foundational.   Linda uses metaphor, intuition, energy awareness and vibration to help you become more aware of  your own strengths, your own connections, your own desires.  Your own inner harmony.

Mastering the the Principles of Harmony


The next phase is “Harmony With the World Around You.”  Harmony is the perfect practice and metaphor for life.   First, Linda helps you to get well-grounded in your own sound –  vocally or metaphorically, or both.  Then together you explore the energies and vibrations in your life.  Linda offers rich imagery as well as vocal practice, if you so choose, to help you stand in your Center while others around you are singing a different note.

Together you will explore dissonance as a potent and delicious ingredient of life and song, and realize how vital it is to lean into the dissonance while holding your own part.   The sweetest part?   The resolution that follows the dissonance… aaahhh!

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