Receive Harmony – Visionary Stories



Tell me your dreams… and I’ll tell you a story.

Many of us have vague dreams and desires, but struggle a great deal with how to achieve them…. sometimes even though we are clear on what we want. A Visionary StoryTM can be a huge boost on the climb to realizing your dreams.

Imagine being at the base of a steep cliff and feeling stymied. Then suddenly, through x-ray vision, or a quick lift from an angel, you are at the top of that same cliff looking back. You can see the path you took, the obstacles you clambered over, and the view from the top. You feel the feeling of completion and satisfaction that you have made it. Moments later, back at the bottom, that vision is still alive and vibrant in your mind, and helps you achieve that very climb. This is what a Visionary StoryTM is. “Like a verbal vision board,” as one client describes it.

I see you…. fulfilling your dreams.
I see you ….happy and surrounded by loving friends and family.
I see you…. living your boldest dreams.

How it works:

I have been strongly connected to the world of intuition and guidance for some years now. I use this connection to “see” a path forward for you like an unfolding story that acts as a metaphor or myth to inspire you to keep moving in the direction of your dreams. It works with your subconscious mind to help you move through resistance and blocks in the conscious mind each time you recall the vision.

Your Part:

You provide a short description of what your dreams are (I want a partner. I want a speaking career. I want to travel the world). Then by using intuition, powerful affirmative prayer and imagery, I take your short description and create a one-page story, as if told from the future, of your dreams coming true.

Expanding on your own vision, the Visionary StoryTM is specific enough that your imagination becomes activated, and open enough for you to supply further details as they come into your mind. It is written as if from a few months/years down the road.

Your Visionary StoryTM not about fortune-telling, but about activating your imagination and emotion. You can read it, tuck it away someplace safe, then reread every few days or weeks, allowing your body, mind and spirit to feel the joy as you savor your own dreams coming true.

My fee for a Visionary StoryTM is $75, a small investment to assist you in transforming your life in the direction of your dreams.* Your Visionary StoryTM will arrive as a PDF for you to print if you choose.