Meet Linda

Who is Linda Chubbuck?

Linda is a down to earth Midwesterner with a mystic’s heart and soul.   Raised in the rural Bible Belt by parents who were peace activists, Linda has lived her life in paradox, finding harmony follows dissonance, and making peace with all of it.

Linda’s education in music only partially prepared her for a colorful life of parenting (three amazing adult children and their families), stained glass artistry and teaching, recording personalized children’s memory songs (MemodiesTM), and running the family grain elevator as a single parent for a decade.   All in central Kansas.

Life’s adventures eventually led her to her (future) husband, Stan Slaughter, who in turn led her to the Kansas City area.   Here she found a large musical and spiritual community to call home, which welcomed her musical and community offerings in everything from drumming, to singing and dance, to her own harmony group (the Green Spirit Band).

Colorful moments from Linda’s life include witnessing a large tornado pass a mile from her family and home when she was 8 years old; the many joys of parenting three incredible children; cleaning the grain elevator pit in the presence of rats on the ledges above; spending a month in Brazil as a guest of the Rotary members there; winning a Salina (Kansas) Arts and Humanities Grant to study a cappella arranging with Deke Sharon, and to attend the Swannanoa Gathering; and getting married to Stan on the Bridge of Faith at Unity Village.

Linda has loved singing harmony with others since childhood, when her dad and mom would start a song in the front seat of the car, bringing her and her brother and little sister into the song.  Soon the long miles and any arguments were forgotten in the sweetness of coming together in harmony.

This passion has persisted over the years.   Linda now works with groups and individuals to share the practice, benefits, mystery, and the process of singing harmony and living harmony with self and others.

An avid organic gardener and foodie, Linda is thrilled to share any aspect of singing, intention, harmony and vibration with you.   She lives in Lee’s Summit, Missouri with her husband and cat Celia.   Her children all live within an hour’s drive.