Put Joy and Love over the Top of Everything

Conversations with Yeshua.  This is channeled material, edited minimally for clarity only. It is personal information given to me and my husband Stan, but relevant to many situations and this is one I am asked to share with the world. 


Stan:  I’m just learning a bit about putting positive emotion behind my intentions. And it seems pretty valuable. Do you have any comments on that? In meditation or waking life?

It’s very foundational that your two basic energetic states are fear, which includes anger and judgment and all forms of what are called negative emotions. Self-righteousness, defensiveness… feel how all of those are fear? Even though they may have different names, and different nuances they are all different flavors of fear.

Spiderweb in dew with MistAnd love.

Fear is contractive while love is expansive. Love is generosity and clear seeing, tenderness, faith.  So when you talk about putting positive emotion behind some intention you are talking about combining it with love as opposed to combining it with fear. Love is the expansive emotion. Love is the energy of creation.

Fear Cannot Really Do You In

So yes, if you want to manifest your creations you merge them with love. If you merge that same intention with fear, there is a creative element to fear, but it is essentially the energy of the Universe showing you that fear cannot really do you in.

Fear cannot take away the ultimate reality. So you have to go through a certain number of illusions if you invoke fear.  You have to go through  illusions to prove to yourself that these can’t really take away the truth.

Do you understand what we’re describing?

S: Uh-hmmm.

Think of a story that has several endings and you choose the endings. And the prompter on the side of the stage sends in the right characters for the ending that you are setting up. And it doesn’t change reality, but it changes your story for the time being.

Does that help? Do you need a specific?

Living Under a Cloud

S: No. It seems you have to wake up to know that fear can’t take away the love underneath. If you’re not awake fear can be your reality and seem to be real. It’s like living under a cloud.

You realize that most of the teachings that we taught and left you with, that were written down, some in a familiar form, some in a not-so-familiar form, are expressing that.

S: Uh-hmmm.

Helping the human race get past living from fear is a huge assignment. But more and more people are coming to it. The time IS now.

Over the Top?  Or Under the Foundation?

S: I’ve been pessimistic a lot of my life and it’s revelatory to just put joy and love over the top of everything. I’ve only started doing it in the last month.

Or under the foundation of everything, however you wish to look at it.

S: It’s there at the foundation of everything, and I need to consciously invoke it. And align with it.

Fears are Obligated to Appear

And these fears are obligated to show up to prove to you that they can’t really destroy you.

S:  But you may not come to that realization until later.

Even until death sometimes.

S: Thank you. Good.

You are welcome and we’re glad that you ask these good questions.


Conversations with Yeshua.  All rights reserved Linda Chubbuck 2017.  

This conversation happened in the early morning September 9, 2017. 

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