Welcome to Radical Harmony

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I love harmony.  I love songs with harmony.  I love singing them, listening to them, writing them.  I love sharing them, teaching them.   You can read about “why” in Meet Linda or the Harmony Manifesto (under Linda’s Wisdom).

But here, I’m just going to describe why I know music is more than just entertainment as I welcome you to Radical Harmony.

Everywhere we are exposed to music through headphones, elevator music, piped into the stores, car or office radios, iTunes playlists, internet radio… and of course, live music, concerts, and more.   We are immersed in music – but often we are paying very little attention to it.

A few hundred years ago, cultures around the globe were immersed in music as they worked, as they came together around a fire, in ceremonies and folk dancing.   Music was a natural part of life, and the people themselves were the music makers.   The field songs of the American slaves were a heritage of the African tribal singing practices.   Appalachian folk music developed from Irish and European traditions of making music together in family and community.   These ancestors of ours were creators of music, not consumers.

Today, the balance has shifted.   Many more cultures are predominantly consumers of music rather than creators.   Our musical lives today often reflect an unconscious and passive use of music, instead of a conscious full participation in singing and song making.  (Hmmm…. sounds a little like fast food in place of growing and preparing our own?)

So, I’m not proposing that we go back.  In fact, recording technology combined with the internet has made a wealth of rich song material available to multitudes of us, and allowed small indie artists to create and share their work.

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What I am proposing however, is that each of us move out of the role of music-consumer-only, and into the practice of finding your own voice – your own singing voice, or musical instrument voice or both.   Reclaim your inherent gift of song.   Your own voice has the ability, when claimed and practiced, to center and empower you, to balance and delight you, to connect you to your higher self and to others.

Your own voice is a key to unlock your power and your joy.   Radical harmony starts with harmonizing within, with your Self.   Radical harmony teaches us to appreciate dissonance, in song and in life, and to stay strong and find the resolution.  From there, we move into harmonizing with others, for that electrifying experience of connection and vibration.  You don’t have to go for performance.  Our ancestors made music for the joy of it, not because they wanted to win on American Idol.  (Or….maybe you will!)  Radical harmony helps you move from consumer to creator; from listener to songmaker; from a mumble to your very own own roar.

I can help you.   This web site and my work are designed to support you in unlocking your voice and your joy. Explore the site and then contact me to work together.

Let’s come together in song!