Pivoting To Claim Your Miracle

Have you ever been stuck in a confined space (like an airport terminal waiting area) with a crying baby nearby?

Let me guess… your thoughts scroll through this list: “Poor kid.  Wish the mom would do something.  Ommmm.  Ignore it.  Baby will quit soon – surely!   For God’s sakes what is wrong with that kid!  What is wrong with that mom!?  Ommmmm… I want the peace of God…”  

Safe bet that most of the travelers within earshot are entertaining similar thoughts, and the emotions that arrive on the heels of their thought-of-choice.

But here’s a story I read this week about several women who did something different.  Pivoted.


In the LA airport (I’ve been through it – not an uplifting place IMO), a toddler waiting with his pregnant momma began to cry, then to wail.  He had a total meltdown and despite his momma’s best efforts, would not board their plane nor stop screaming.  His mother, because of his size and her pregnant belly, could not just pick him up and take him.

After several failed attempts the mother did something unusual.. she knelt down beside her screaming son and wept on the floor.

Who knows what thoughts were going through the minds of those nearby?

But something shifted.  One by one, several women nearby got up and knelt down beside the weeping mother and her screaming son, making a circle around them.  Beth, the woman who later told the story on Facebook, sang Itsy Bitsy Spider.  Another woman peeled an orange to offer. Another found a little toy in her handbag. Another helped the momma get out a sippy cup and get her son a drink.

Suppose any of them were praying as well?

Both Momma and Son calmed down, were able to board the plane, and the circle of 6 or 7 women dissolved back into the waiting passengers, without discussing the incident.

A miracle of connection, calming and gratitude happened where there was anger, fear and despair before.

What catalyzed the pivot?

Someone – then several someones – chose gratitude and love over grudges and judging.

Instead of resenting the mom, ignoring the crying, or judging the situation, the women chose loving action and presence.

A Course in Miracles says Judgment is the weapon I would use against myself, to keep the miracle away from me.  (from Lesson 347)

If you stay in judgment and resentment you will never know what miracle could have appeared if you pivoted into gratitude. Maybe your miracle was simply your peace of mind. Or maybe it was something far more astonishing.

Like a Circle of Women appearing to transform despair into peace in the LAX terminal.

copyright Linda Chubbuck 2018 

Why I’m creating a New Normal instead of using my ASS (Ancestral Survival Skills)

Today I feel “normal.”  I’m trying to do normal things – like paying the bills, cleaning the clutter and the floors, watering my thirsty garden, cleaning the kitchen, and yes, writing. Your list may be longer, but with a similar sense of urgency I’m guessing. This feels normal to me.

But there’s a longer view. A bigger picture that is pulling me in. It’s starting to come into focus for me. Seeing through the glass darkly all my life, I’m now beginning to see face to face.

High Coherence with HeartMath HRV

Here’s the bigger picture.  We are living in a time of rapid evolution.  A few visionaries know this and talk about it, but most of us just keep on living from the skills our species evolved thousands of years ago.

Those ASSes

And those skills – honed to live in a very different world – are killing us now.

Let’s examine our Ancestral Survival Skills (ASS for short).

Those ASS skills – the skills that gave our ancestors enough years of life to reproduce – include the famous Fight/Flight/Freeze response to danger.  That danger/stress response has become chronic in many of us.  Stress is now linked to the top 6 causes of death in the US, and 75% of all visits to doctors are stress-related.

Those Ancestral Survival Skills – that Darwin examined as he wrote of the survival of the fittest – include a Negativity Bias, an alertness to whatever “bad” thing there is that might threaten us. Our media knows this and sells issues or shows based on blood, conflict, trauma and especially, fear.

Those ASS skills include a strong preference for sweet, salt, carbohydrates, and fat, to keep our bodies healthy through famine times.  Foods with these flavors but without innate nutrients contribute to innumerable health issues.

Those ASS skills include a brute strength to take on any enemy. We live in a time of quick reactions to perceived aggression—which sometimes results in innocent lives lost.

Ancestral Survival Skills.  Fight/Flight/Freeze.  Negativity Bias.  Appetite for Sweets, Carbs, Salts and Fats. Reactive Aggression.

Those served our paleolithic, tribal, close-to-nature ancestors so well that they survived the large mammal attacks, the snakes in the grass, the brutal winters, the times of famine, the hostile neighbors. They thrived and built civilizations and had babies and kept learning.

They gave us life and the world we live in today.

But the world we live in is not the world they lived in.  And it’s changing so rapidly none of us can keep up, using our normal ASS skills.

Danger? or Opportunity? Depends on the Tools you Choose

Did you know that oxygen was once a toxin? Yep. For the anaerobic bacteria that were the dominant species on the planet oxygen was a poison and fortunately for them, there was very little of it. Then the blue-green algae began to flourish, throwing off oxygen as a by-product. Eventually there was so much oxygen there were massive die-offs.  Other life forms – tiny plants – developed which could use oxygen. The anaerobic bacteria were relegated to the bottom of the ocean.  Those other life forms began to flourish. Suddenly a whole new world opened up.   A world where oxygen was no longer a toxin.    (Read more here)

We are in the midst of another evolutionary leap. There are no guarantees. There are dozens of ways we could end human life on earth right now and create our own mass extinction.

But I believe we won’t. I believe we will instead evolve to the next level of humanity. I believe we will let go of the ASS, and will discover and use new tools that serve who we are now and where we are headed. And with enough of us using those new tools, we will make it.

Here are the tools  – the Connective Survival Tools (CST) – that we need to “breathe oxygen” and to make it into the future:

1) The ability to live in two worlds at once – the physical, and the mental/spiritual – and maintain sanity.

2) The ability to acknowledge the negative, the dangers, without focusing there and feeding that negativity with our creative energy.

3)  The ability to sort through the vast information swamps and choose what is actually helpful to our own peace and harmony and growth.

4) The ability to activate the Heart – to become aware of the ASS stress response and instead to train our bodies to live in Heart Coherence.

5) The ability to know our own Evolutionary Appetites, and to choose beneficial foods for our bodies instead of partaking from the vast buffet available to us without regard for consequences.

6) The ability to use intention, meditation, visualization, intuition, imagination and creativity from a place of peace, of mindfulness, to create the world we want to live in – to reinvent our selves and our world.

7) The ability to choose our Tribe based on the tools that Tribe is using and our desire to grow and thrive with them.

8) The ability to enjoy our Tribe while interacting with other Tribes in peaceful ways.

9)  The ability to practice – and identify with – Love as the Creative Connective Force which underlies all Life and all of these principles.

Each of these invites exploration and expansion and I’ll write more about each in the coming days.

Alma, Eva, and my New Normal

Today, my ASS( Ancestral Survival Skills) told me to clean the kitchen, sweep the floor, pay the bills.  My ASS self (we’ll call her Alma)

Dirty Dishes – kitchen needs cleaning

insisted that was the only responsible thing to do.  But today I’m learning to breathe that seemingly dangerous oxygen… I’m learning to cultivate Heart Coherence, and to make new choices. My Connective Angel (Eva we’ll call her) quietly but firmly nudged me to walk away from a messy kitchen (I never do that!) and to write instead.

I’m learning to retrain my body out of its habitual (feels normal to me!) stress state, which has resulted in hypertension, and into a state of heart coherence and peace – which is actually measurable by simple to use instruments.

My sister once told me that we overestimate what we can do in one year, and underestimate what we can do in five.

We are in an accelerated period of evolutionary change. Humans must begin to recognize and use their creative power wisely.  Humans must recognize that many of our Ancestral Survival Skills are now devastating our bodies, our communities and our planet.

I’m training myself to a New Normal. Teaching my body the Connective Survival Tools means putting Creativity ahead of house-cleaning. Peaceful Body ahead of washing dishes. Connecting ahead of negativity bias.

Just like it took me several months and intense training to learn to drive, so it now may take focus and intense training to teach my body new tools.  I must remember I overestimate what I can do in 5 days, and underestimate what I can do in 3 months.

I am part of the evolutionary process and I will do it with Love and Open Eyes.

I’m creating a New Normal. Will you join me?


Triage for the Soul: When Positive Thinking Fails

Kitty Love. Triage for the Soul

Yesterday I found myself in the shadows – again. Verging on despair, I saw lack and pain everywhere I looked. For a few hours, I was living on the Dark Side.

I kept trying to switch to positive thoughts. But it wasn’t working. I felt like someone had flash frozen my outsides, while my insides were spinning and agitated. Happy thoughts were failing me.

An old tub washer made of ice, set on heavy duty, working on a tub full of mud. That was me.

The issues were 1) two fractured neck vertebrae (4 weeks ago now) and the rigid neck brace I wear day and night; 2) poor sleeping because of the neck brace; 3) worsening sleep apnea because of the neck brace; 4) chronic borderline hypertension and possible medication coming up, and 5) ten days of our beautiful tomcat Mr. Kitty gone missing.

Kitty Love. Triage for the Soul
Kitty Love. Triage for the Soul

My efforts at meditation felt meaningless. My biofeedback practice gave me lackluster results (I can’t get this stuff to work!). Our posters for Mr. Kitty yielded no results. And my positive thinking efforts were met by my inner cynic. I won’t tell you what she said.

Worst of all, trying to go to sleep at night resulted in finally getting drowsy, then as eyes closed, my throat closed as well and I choked. And woke up of course, repeatedly. Until I didn’t even want to try to sleep anymore. My blood pressure was high in the morning because of the sleep apnea.

Yesterday was crappy.

Traumas and Sorrows, to Joy and Resources

I finally set up a phone appointment with my brother, a Somatic Experience Psychotherapist*, for evening.

By the end of the session with him I realized that I had been blocking the real sense of loss and grief I had over the fractures, my immobility, what “could have happened,” and then, the loss of our kitty as well. Lots of tears. But by the end of the tears and the end of the session, I felt thawed out and peaceful inside.

I also was reminded of the many resources I have, and that I don’t have to stay in that frozen mud place. I can move in and out. Even during the ambulance ride to the ER for the fractures, I knew I would be okay. I can go back to that knowing now.

My brother described an infinity sign, like a figure 8 laid on its side, with one of the loops containing the traumas and sorrows, and the other, all the resources I have in my life. We all want the happy side. But the pain and the shadows are also part of us and cannot be long ignored, or we become frozen and joyless.

I can acknowledge, feel, and cry over the traumas – which are real, but not the only thing in my life. Then I can move myself, thawed out, to the Resources. There I find my husband, my friends, my large and loving community, my children, my prayers, my books, my spiritual practice, my songs, nature, and more.

Maybe most important, my own sense of trust and empowerment.

Pain Wants to Change Me

I forget so readily this easy move back and forth, from pain to peace. Each time I try to avoid the pain and just think happy!  Sometimes that works.

But other times, the pain is deep enough it can’t be brushed off like a fly. It must be acknowledged and incorporated.  It wants to change me, and if I refuse to admit it’s there, it spins faster, freezes harder, and I grow more frantic. (Sounds like hypertension doesn’t it?)

Triage is the intake area in battle or disaster situations, where a quick evaluation is made of the wounded, and patients are then moved into areas based on their traumas and needs.

When things go sour for me, when I am wounded by something, I have to remember to do triage for my soul. How bad am I hurt? Will a little positive thinking lift my spirits?

Or do I need “surgery?”  Do I need the deep care that acknowledges and cleanses the hurt before the stitching back together and the TLC?

Gifts from the Dark Side

Kitty Love TLC
Kitty Love TLC

Both are important. But if you find yourself with a deepening sense of despair and hopelessness, or an inner anxiety that won’t let go unless you self-medicate, then I encourage you to take a Guide with you and visit that frozen mud, that monster inside.

Visit the Dark Side within and cry your tears. Feel your grief, your regrets. Bring the Light of your love into your own shadows.  It is Positively Okay to feel sadness now and then.

Then come out into the Sunshine, remind yourself of Light, and call upon your Resources.  Make a note not to be afraid to check out the Dark Side now and again. There may be gifts waiting for you there.


* Paul Chubbuck is a counselor in Fort Collins CO who also does online work.  You can find him at Releasing the Past  .

A Proclivity for Violence

Conversations with Yeshua.  This is channeled material, edited minimally for clarity only. It is personal information given to me and my husband Stan, but relevant to many situations and this is one I am asked to share with the world. 


Stan:   I’m asking about my body… my body’s kind of structural aches and pains that are becoming chronic.

Would you reword that?  Becoming implies future, correct?

S. Yeah.

Can you say something along the lines of “pains that have been with me for awhile and I’m ready to be done with them”?

S: Yeah, certainly.

Can you feel the difference in that?

S: Yes. I’m ready to move forward on healing several aspects of my body and I have different practitioners and different ways forward and I just wondered if there was any guidance.

Yes, we’re glad you asked. So are you ready for some honesty?


The Familiarity of Violence

We believe that you remain unaware of this factor. We’re going to put it into words and ask you to look at it and be willing to heal this first of all. And you will be astonished at how much else heals. That is, you have a proclivity for violence in language, in actions, in thoughts. Because you have matured and grown as a loving being, the damage has been confined to primarily your own body and aches and pains. You have not had a lot of accidents in your life. Violent thoughts can draw to yourself accidents and you have not had a lot of those.

Nevertheless those thoughts are influencing your body.  Can you feel the truth in what we say or do you feel resistance?

S: No, I can feel that.

Does it feel extremely familiar to you, that way of being?

S: Yes.

What would it take to have that not feel familiar? What would it take to release that?

S: Well, that overarching love feeling (discussed earlier here:  Put Joy and Love )–bringing love to bear at every moment and every aspect.

All right, let’s take a moment and just explore that, with no other concerns about healing right now. Just explore. When we use the word violence and suggest that’s a chronic streak in your state of mind, and you can agree that this is so, can you give us a couple of recent examples of this?

S: I spoke of a terrorist that should be ground into pulp.  Quite often I react with anger and violence to cars that are speeding. And there’s no love at all.

And underlying the violence would be… is it fear? Can you take it back a layer? Just peel back the layers and see what’s behind there?

S: Hmmm.. it’s kind of like if I did that I would face certain violence against me. As if I’m saying “Don’t you know that doing this will mean that you will be violently treated — or injured?”

Let yourself explore that for a moment. Just feel it. Any one of the incidents that feels close to you. Just let yourself go there. Let yourself go back.

Love and Violence

Any words, any shapes, any colors, any stories that come to you now, just speak them.  If you wish, travel back in time,  like you do with Inner Counselor.*   There is something in you says “This is the answer to life. This is the answer to difficult, the answer to pain, the answer to problems.”

We invite you to let that unfold..

S: I’m remembering a practice we (my family) had with the dogs and cats we liked — the  barnyard cats that were effective, the dogs we fell in love with. We would hold them down and run over their tales with a wagon or a tractor.

How did you feel during that?

S: Very conflicted as a young boy.

What was the conflict?

S: Deliberately hurting the creature.

And calling it Love?

S: Right.

Do you believe it was love?

S: “It’s for your own good.”  A phrase I heard a lot. “I’ll beat you now but it’s for your own good.”

Uh-hmm.  Let your heart feel that.

A Violent Prescription?

You’ve mentioned experiencing a lack of training, training that leads a young person to a better place. And in place of training was episodic violence.

S: Yes.

And do you see how you have matured into a man who controls that violence? You are not a violent person towards other people. But you also haven’t really healed it.

It’s as if there’s a streak of violence and the anguish that goes with it running straight through your body. Vertically. And it can’t just live there peacefully, it has to be expressed. So there’s this violent edginess, watching for someone that needs a violent prescription.

Including yourself.

Do you see how difficult it is for your body to be completely at ease, completely healthy?  With that streak very present?

S: Yeah.

So think of any animal or child that you love without reservation. Who comes to mind?

S: Oh… Max.

Alright. Now put him in your arms, in your heart. Would you run over his finger to keep him from doing something that he should not?

S: No.

Why not?

S: It’s a bad lesson.

What would you do instead?

Can Love Be the Teacher?

S: I would talk to him. Explain things. Give him examples. Let him practice the right behavior.

And if he failed?

S: I might try it in a different setting.

Do you think love itself can be a teacher?  Love and experience and wisdom?  Or is violence a necessary part of teaching?

S: It’s not.

We invite you to revisit your own lessons in violence and your own tendency in that direction and put them side by side with Max. And consider if you are wiling to let them go.

This may have to happen over a period of days or weeks. You may even want to have a ceremony of release. You’ll find that when you do this, when you allow yourself to become aware and then choose to release that habitual reaction— that your body will heal so quickly you will be amazed.

A Love Brigade

S: I see a vision of a very strong rigid hedge post somewhere down the middle of my body.


S: And a kind of a love brigade of composting organisms that are starting to turn it into valuable material by slowly digesting it.

Yes. You’ll need to make a commitment to catch yourself because these violent thoughts are aimed at the world at large, at drivers and others,  at yourself.  They are random grenades that are thrown off.  Your awareness is the first medicine.

You have to make a choice that this thought is not useful. It’s not coming from love and it’s not the way you want to live your life.   Once your’ve made that intention and decision, your awareness will increase, and then it’s a matter of just breaking those habits.

Have we given you enough of a road map to find your way into healing from this?

S: Yes.

Catch all of those thoughts and bring Max into the picture. Ask: “Would I do this to him?”

S: Right.  And everyone is beloved of God.

Yes. Alright. We are glad you come to listen. We’re always glad to connect.  We are always present, but an intentional connection is different than just vague awareness.

Have a blessed day.


* Inner Counselor is a process developed by Ann Nunley, MFA, Preceived September 9, 2017

Conversations with Yeshua.  All rights reserved Linda Chubbuck 2017.  

Put Joy and Love over the Top of Everything

Spiderweb in dew with Mist

Conversations with Yeshua.  This is channeled material, edited minimally for clarity only. It is personal information given to me and my husband Stan, but relevant to many situations and this is one I am asked to share with the world. 


Stan:  I’m just learning a bit about putting positive emotion behind my intentions. And it seems pretty valuable. Do you have any comments on that? In meditation or waking life?

It’s very foundational that your two basic energetic states are fear, which includes anger and judgment and all forms of what are called negative emotions. Self-righteousness, defensiveness… feel how all of those are fear? Even though they may have different names, and different nuances they are all different flavors of fear.

Spiderweb in dew with MistAnd love.

Fear is contractive while love is expansive. Love is generosity and clear seeing, tenderness, faith.  So when you talk about putting positive emotion behind some intention you are talking about combining it with love as opposed to combining it with fear. Love is the expansive emotion. Love is the energy of creation.

Fear Cannot Really Do You In

So yes, if you want to manifest your creations you merge them with love. If you merge that same intention with fear, there is a creative element to fear, but it is essentially the energy of the Universe showing you that fear cannot really do you in.

Fear cannot take away the ultimate reality. So you have to go through a certain number of illusions if you invoke fear.  You have to go through  illusions to prove to yourself that these can’t really take away the truth.

Do you understand what we’re describing?

S: Uh-hmmm.

Think of a story that has several endings and you choose the endings. And the prompter on the side of the stage sends in the right characters for the ending that you are setting up. And it doesn’t change reality, but it changes your story for the time being.

Does that help? Do you need a specific?

Living Under a Cloud

S: No. It seems you have to wake up to know that fear can’t take away the love underneath. If you’re not awake fear can be your reality and seem to be real. It’s like living under a cloud.

You realize that most of the teachings that we taught and left you with, that were written down, some in a familiar form, some in a not-so-familiar form, are expressing that.

S: Uh-hmmm.

Helping the human race get past living from fear is a huge assignment. But more and more people are coming to it. The time IS now.

Over the Top?  Or Under the Foundation?

S: I’ve been pessimistic a lot of my life and it’s revelatory to just put joy and love over the top of everything. I’ve only started doing it in the last month.

Or under the foundation of everything, however you wish to look at it.

S: It’s there at the foundation of everything, and I need to consciously invoke it. And align with it.

Fears are Obligated to Appear

And these fears are obligated to show up to prove to you that they can’t really destroy you.

S:  But you may not come to that realization until later.

Even until death sometimes.

S: Thank you. Good.

You are welcome and we’re glad that you ask these good questions.


Conversations with Yeshua.  All rights reserved Linda Chubbuck 2017.  

This conversation happened in the early morning September 9, 2017.