Empath for the World

Conversations with Yeshua.  This is channeled material, edited minimally for clarity only. It is personal information given to me and my husband Stan, but relevant to many situations and this is one I am asked to share with the world. 


Linda has been distressed at what she experiences as her distractibility and lack of focus and we would remind you that 2-3 simple practices can alter that.  We will bring those up for examination now. 

So the greater ease in your lives because of consistent income has reduced pressure and to some extent reduced focus especially in Linda.  The doorways seem wider and more open and there are so many that she would enjoy walking through.   So if you think of yourself as a spiritual and emotional refugee that has come from a difficult and challenging time and now you are in a space where you have everything you need – you have the ability to make choices and one of the things that can happen is a lack of focus.  

There’s no need to chide yourself but it may help just to understand it.  The remedy is to return your focus to your inner world and at least for the moment remove it from the outer world.  Your inner world is rich and true and creative. With practices in place to check in there regularly, your distress at lack of focus will dissolve and you will find yourself playing a part in that larger outer world as well.  

We encourage you to use a recorded insight meditation to restore your focus.  We encourage you to journal and to channel. To call Silent Unity today, to write on your book today.  Clear the channel and you will find your way again.  Rather quickly because you are not as lost as you judge yourself to be.   

We know that you have been distraught and despairing and even cynical about what is happening in the world.  This is because of where you are in your gift to the world… you have a sensitivity.  

In many ways you are an empath for the world and that’s not so easy. You are successful at creating boundaries with other persons in your family and your life and you do relatively well at that.  But you have few filters and few boundaries when it comes to the planet. 

The Edge of the Forest-Empath for the World

And yet we admonish you to remember that your gift and your power lie in your own work and your own focus. A great deal of your pain in regards to the world will lift as you recommit to focusing on your own depth of connection. As you put your own gifts out into the world.   

So imagine yourself as the herbalist, the herbalist who lives in the forest at the edge of the village, who knows so much and loves so greatly.  But a plague comes and takes down the people of the town. And many people are suffering.  

As the forest-dwelling herbalist do you stand on the edge of the village and watch in anguish as the plague takes people down? or do you go home and mix your healing remedies and do what you can?

We know you know. We are always with you, even when you feel you have lost focus we are right here.   

Conversations with Yeshua.  All rights reserved Linda Chubbuck 2018.  

A Thunderstorm to Go With the Change

Looming Thunderstorm

Conversations with Yeshua.  This is channeled material, edited minimally for clarity only. It is personal information given to me and my husband Stan, but relevant to many situations and this is one I am asked to share with the world. 

The questions I asked this morning in late October were about my personal health challenges at the time, along with the political landscape and chaos.   This was the response.  

You have to remember that long sought-after change frequently arrives in the midst of what could either be called chaos or challenges.

The change that you wish for is radically different enough that just coming on a clear blue-sky day doesn’t happen.  There is a thunderstorm to go with it. And the events of your life then end up being the thunderstorm.

Looming Thunderstorm
Looming Thunderstorm

You can interpret them as suffering, but you don’t have to. You can interpret them as signs of change instead. Things are being uncovered, things are being revealed –  that needed to be revealed.

Things are being unlearned that seemed set in concrete. Eyes are being opened. Some of this is not comfortable even though it may be ultimately freeing.

You will heal from all of this, to where it’s barely a memory. At the moment the best course is to allow the emotions to come and go knowing that they are the waves of thunder and the bolts of lightning. But they don’t stay. Behind them all the sun is shining and the Heart of the Divine is always present.

We will give you the answer to all, which we say, tongue in cheek… the answer to all is: do your research, learn, explore, use your intelligence.. then let go. And trust the miracles.

Do your research. Trust the miracles.

Remember this one. We are glad you come to listen. You are doing well.

Conversations with Yeshua.  All rights reserved Linda Chubbuck 2017.  

A Proclivity for Violence

Conversations with Yeshua.  This is channeled material, edited minimally for clarity only. It is personal information given to me and my husband Stan, but relevant to many situations and this is one I am asked to share with the world. 


Stan:   I’m asking about my body… my body’s kind of structural aches and pains that are becoming chronic.

Would you reword that?  Becoming implies future, correct?

S. Yeah.

Can you say something along the lines of “pains that have been with me for awhile and I’m ready to be done with them”?

S: Yeah, certainly.

Can you feel the difference in that?

S: Yes. I’m ready to move forward on healing several aspects of my body and I have different practitioners and different ways forward and I just wondered if there was any guidance.

Yes, we’re glad you asked. So are you ready for some honesty?


The Familiarity of Violence

We believe that you remain unaware of this factor. We’re going to put it into words and ask you to look at it and be willing to heal this first of all. And you will be astonished at how much else heals. That is, you have a proclivity for violence in language, in actions, in thoughts. Because you have matured and grown as a loving being, the damage has been confined to primarily your own body and aches and pains. You have not had a lot of accidents in your life. Violent thoughts can draw to yourself accidents and you have not had a lot of those.

Nevertheless those thoughts are influencing your body.  Can you feel the truth in what we say or do you feel resistance?

S: No, I can feel that.

Does it feel extremely familiar to you, that way of being?

S: Yes.

What would it take to have that not feel familiar? What would it take to release that?

S: Well, that overarching love feeling (discussed earlier here:  Put Joy and Love )–bringing love to bear at every moment and every aspect.

All right, let’s take a moment and just explore that, with no other concerns about healing right now. Just explore. When we use the word violence and suggest that’s a chronic streak in your state of mind, and you can agree that this is so, can you give us a couple of recent examples of this?

S: I spoke of a terrorist that should be ground into pulp.  Quite often I react with anger and violence to cars that are speeding. And there’s no love at all.

And underlying the violence would be… is it fear? Can you take it back a layer? Just peel back the layers and see what’s behind there?

S: Hmmm.. it’s kind of like if I did that I would face certain violence against me. As if I’m saying “Don’t you know that doing this will mean that you will be violently treated — or injured?”

Let yourself explore that for a moment. Just feel it. Any one of the incidents that feels close to you. Just let yourself go there. Let yourself go back.

Love and Violence

Any words, any shapes, any colors, any stories that come to you now, just speak them.  If you wish, travel back in time,  like you do with Inner Counselor.*   There is something in you says “This is the answer to life. This is the answer to difficult, the answer to pain, the answer to problems.”

We invite you to let that unfold..

S: I’m remembering a practice we (my family) had with the dogs and cats we liked — the  barnyard cats that were effective, the dogs we fell in love with. We would hold them down and run over their tales with a wagon or a tractor.

How did you feel during that?

S: Very conflicted as a young boy.

What was the conflict?

S: Deliberately hurting the creature.

And calling it Love?

S: Right.

Do you believe it was love?

S: “It’s for your own good.”  A phrase I heard a lot. “I’ll beat you now but it’s for your own good.”

Uh-hmm.  Let your heart feel that.

A Violent Prescription?

You’ve mentioned experiencing a lack of training, training that leads a young person to a better place. And in place of training was episodic violence.

S: Yes.

And do you see how you have matured into a man who controls that violence? You are not a violent person towards other people. But you also haven’t really healed it.

It’s as if there’s a streak of violence and the anguish that goes with it running straight through your body. Vertically. And it can’t just live there peacefully, it has to be expressed. So there’s this violent edginess, watching for someone that needs a violent prescription.

Including yourself.

Do you see how difficult it is for your body to be completely at ease, completely healthy?  With that streak very present?

S: Yeah.

So think of any animal or child that you love without reservation. Who comes to mind?

S: Oh… Max.

Alright. Now put him in your arms, in your heart. Would you run over his finger to keep him from doing something that he should not?

S: No.

Why not?

S: It’s a bad lesson.

What would you do instead?

Can Love Be the Teacher?

S: I would talk to him. Explain things. Give him examples. Let him practice the right behavior.

And if he failed?

S: I might try it in a different setting.

Do you think love itself can be a teacher?  Love and experience and wisdom?  Or is violence a necessary part of teaching?

S: It’s not.

We invite you to revisit your own lessons in violence and your own tendency in that direction and put them side by side with Max. And consider if you are wiling to let them go.

This may have to happen over a period of days or weeks. You may even want to have a ceremony of release. You’ll find that when you do this, when you allow yourself to become aware and then choose to release that habitual reaction— that your body will heal so quickly you will be amazed.

A Love Brigade

S: I see a vision of a very strong rigid hedge post somewhere down the middle of my body.


S: And a kind of a love brigade of composting organisms that are starting to turn it into valuable material by slowly digesting it.

Yes. You’ll need to make a commitment to catch yourself because these violent thoughts are aimed at the world at large, at drivers and others,  at yourself.  They are random grenades that are thrown off.  Your awareness is the first medicine.

You have to make a choice that this thought is not useful. It’s not coming from love and it’s not the way you want to live your life.   Once your’ve made that intention and decision, your awareness will increase, and then it’s a matter of just breaking those habits.

Have we given you enough of a road map to find your way into healing from this?

S: Yes.

Catch all of those thoughts and bring Max into the picture. Ask: “Would I do this to him?”

S: Right.  And everyone is beloved of God.

Yes. Alright. We are glad you come to listen. We’re always glad to connect.  We are always present, but an intentional connection is different than just vague awareness.

Have a blessed day.


* Inner Counselor is a process developed by Ann Nunley, MFA, Preceived September 9, 2017

Conversations with Yeshua.  All rights reserved Linda Chubbuck 2017.  

Put Joy and Love over the Top of Everything

Spiderweb in dew with Mist

Conversations with Yeshua.  This is channeled material, edited minimally for clarity only. It is personal information given to me and my husband Stan, but relevant to many situations and this is one I am asked to share with the world. 


Stan:  I’m just learning a bit about putting positive emotion behind my intentions. And it seems pretty valuable. Do you have any comments on that? In meditation or waking life?

It’s very foundational that your two basic energetic states are fear, which includes anger and judgment and all forms of what are called negative emotions. Self-righteousness, defensiveness… feel how all of those are fear? Even though they may have different names, and different nuances they are all different flavors of fear.

Spiderweb in dew with MistAnd love.

Fear is contractive while love is expansive. Love is generosity and clear seeing, tenderness, faith.  So when you talk about putting positive emotion behind some intention you are talking about combining it with love as opposed to combining it with fear. Love is the expansive emotion. Love is the energy of creation.

Fear Cannot Really Do You In

So yes, if you want to manifest your creations you merge them with love. If you merge that same intention with fear, there is a creative element to fear, but it is essentially the energy of the Universe showing you that fear cannot really do you in.

Fear cannot take away the ultimate reality. So you have to go through a certain number of illusions if you invoke fear.  You have to go through  illusions to prove to yourself that these can’t really take away the truth.

Do you understand what we’re describing?

S: Uh-hmmm.

Think of a story that has several endings and you choose the endings. And the prompter on the side of the stage sends in the right characters for the ending that you are setting up. And it doesn’t change reality, but it changes your story for the time being.

Does that help? Do you need a specific?

Living Under a Cloud

S: No. It seems you have to wake up to know that fear can’t take away the love underneath. If you’re not awake fear can be your reality and seem to be real. It’s like living under a cloud.

You realize that most of the teachings that we taught and left you with, that were written down, some in a familiar form, some in a not-so-familiar form, are expressing that.

S: Uh-hmmm.

Helping the human race get past living from fear is a huge assignment. But more and more people are coming to it. The time IS now.

Over the Top?  Or Under the Foundation?

S: I’ve been pessimistic a lot of my life and it’s revelatory to just put joy and love over the top of everything. I’ve only started doing it in the last month.

Or under the foundation of everything, however you wish to look at it.

S: It’s there at the foundation of everything, and I need to consciously invoke it. And align with it.

Fears are Obligated to Appear

And these fears are obligated to show up to prove to you that they can’t really destroy you.

S:  But you may not come to that realization until later.

Even until death sometimes.

S: Thank you. Good.

You are welcome and we’re glad that you ask these good questions.


Conversations with Yeshua.  All rights reserved Linda Chubbuck 2017.  

This conversation happened in the early morning September 9, 2017. 

Your Heart Is Being Asked To Stretch

Gate in Findhorn

Conversations with Yeshua.  This is channeled material, edited minimally for clarity only. It is personal information given to me and my husband Stan, but relevant to many situations and this is one I am asked to share with the world.  This conversation happened in the wee hours of the morning on August 13, 2017. 

You are hearing us correctly.  A short while ago we told you, “This is what consciousness needs to awaken.”  Remember nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists.* So as you and millions of other become more and more conscious, but live in a sea of unconsciousness, these ripples and waves and whirlpools will happen where consciousness comes face to face with unconsciousness.

Some people wake up in a moment of great beauty. Some people wake up in moments of great sorrow. Some people wake up in a moment of great determination when they recognize their own power and connection.Gate in Findhorn

We know you are troubled about the hatred made visible at Charlottesville. And we’ll speak to that. We’ll let Linda move a little further to one side first.

L: So this is Linda speaking.  Jesus, Yeshua, my intention is to step completely to the side and allow your guidance to come through unadulterated. To allow pure love to come through me, to speak through me, without the filter of, the contamination of fear. To bring words and energy that are guiding lights and hope to the people of this planet. To open my heart and my mind to receive as a channel accurately with presence.

What if you saw the angels present?

You cannot avoid the feelings of sorrow and dismay but you can contain them. You can shorten them by your remembrance of what is true. What if you saw the scene in Charlottesville and could also see there were thousands of angels present. And incredible love and power. In the humans as well as the angels. That all those persons met there on purpose to further the cause of awakening, to provide contrast and allow people to make decisions, to step up.

You are asking in your mind about friends of yours who have supported this leadership and now you haven’t seen them for a long time. Just know that they and millions of others are going through their own dark nights of the soul. While you may be struggling with dismay and even recoiling in disgust they are struggling with their part in this unfolding of events.

This is an important sequence for them and others. While it’s appropriate to mourn and to have your own emotions it’s also important to move out of them as quickly as possible. Back into gratitude and vision and faith. Don’t allow yourself to be stuck in this quicksand of hatred and despair.

Reaching across divisions

At any moment you can look at that or you can look at the tremendous reaching across of divisions that’s happening. It’s just as real and it is definitively going on right now. See it and listen for your part and turn your attention to the things you want more of.

Devices to help your own fear subside – Tapping would be good, the tapping sequence would protect your own energy. This will bring you the energetic equivalent of Wonder Woman’s wrist guards, deflecting the energy, which does not mean that you don’t go stand on the streets or do whatever it is you are guided to do.

But while you may attend only one event a week, your energy is active at all times.

Stan do you have any related questions?

S:  Do we simply stand and let it be known we don’t support this or is there another more active step?

You will feel your own guidance, don’t overlook your power. It’s a question to ask yourself throughout the day — what is mine to do in relation to this?

What happened was an energy shift

We encourage you to get together with others that are equally involved. Not to wallow in despair or to play “ain’t it awful,” but to actually pray and plan together. People look at external events and believe that they happen in isolation, this external event happened, this external event happened, but in actuality what happened was an energy shift. What was witnessed yesterday was the rage of those who’ve been living in fear and feeling unheard. They made their fear and all of the anger and judgment and hatred that goes with it visible yesterday. It’s understandably frightening to those that are not living in that level of fear, who were unaware of it.

So your energy, and your authentic energetic response is always valuable. Then you discern what is yours to do in the physical world as well.

We see and we encourage you to see a world of peace and connection and mutual respect, of tenderness and healing, of miracles. A world living on active love, awakened love, connective love.

Keep your energy in a place of love

We can’t tell you how long till this happens, but we can tell you you are right on track with the steps so at the same time you want to sink into despair and retaliation, instead sink into the nothingness, sink into peace and from there choose your next step. It is so important to keep your energy in a place of love, as you hold these events in your heart and experience the pain that they cause.   

Your heart is being asked to stretch, to encompass those with small eyes and cold hearts and say YES, and you are part of me, YES and you are part of us. 

No, you can’t do that physically. They would only bristle. But energetically you can do it and it is immensely powerful.

Take care of yourself energetically. Be honest about your feelings. Use tapping and prayer and meditation to bring yourself back to center. Then allow the actions that feel exactly right to you to become part of your experience. Spend that time in prayer and meditation and ask what is mine to do. But we assure you that what is yours to do first and foremost is to stretch your heart to encompass all of this. Then take care of your self.

We are always available individually or as you come together like this.  The more you practice this the more accurately you will hear.

* from A Course in Miracles introduction

received August 13, 2017

Conversations with Yeshua.  All rights reserved Linda Chubbuck 2017.  

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Both People Have Parts of the Truth, But They Are Too Angry….

Conversations with Yeshua.  This is channeled material, edited minimally for clarity only. It is personal information given to me and my husband Stan, but relevant to many situations and this is one I am asked to share with the world.  A special hug and thanks to Stan for allowing me to share this one.  

There are a great many topics of interest in your lives and on the planet currently. You are welcome to speak the ones of interest and we’ll address the one that Linda brought up as well.

S:  …That was how we trigger each other which leads to resentment and arguments and bad feelings and disconnection.  Avoiding that is obviously something we want to do. We’d both like more heartfelt communication.   

Disentangling the lump

There are parts and pieces of your communication dynamic that are valuable and other parts that are best avoided. In your minds and your behaviors those episodes are all one lump so we’ll help you deconstruct and disentangle the parts and pieces over the next few minutes.

Both of you are coming into your own as confident defined beings with certain inalienable rights. And we think you can feel the truth in the fact that that sort of confidence can easily tip over into arrogance. Can you feel that? So living as two strong independent beings in the same environment is a new skill, a new art. What’s going on in your marriage is also what needs to happen in your communities, in your nation and in your world.

When people become confident and take their power back they often ride roughshod over others. But not always. So in simple terms we’re going to encourage you to take your confidence back and combine it with generous listening.    

And know that for each of you, where you perceive a right of yours has been violated, your partner may have a different perception and only the courage and the kindness to talk it over clearly will likely result in a shared perception rather than two opposing perceptions.

Specifics – getting to a shared perception

So we’ll get specific here. With the story from yesterday about the sound system speaker and its placement*, Linda perceived a danger to a valuable piece of equipment by your placing it in a driving area. She was concerned and expressed her concern. And Stan, you dismissed that concern but gave no reason. Is that correct?

S: Uh-hmm.

And so she nursed that hurt for 2-3 hours, feeling dismissed and unheard. And she still had her initial concern about the safety of a piece of equipment that she cherishes. Several hours later when she brought it up again and you had a conversation you expressed the need to put the monitors in a different place than the speaker, and a proper arrangement. You explained your reasons. She understood and the distress went out of that conversation.

Do you see what the factors were in the revisiting of that topic that made it turn out differently?

S: More information and no dismissal.  

And Linda for her part was actually listening. She was not trying to dominate. She heard you and said something to the effect that she might have put something in that driveway to protect the sound system had she had time to do that. But she understood the placement after that.  And then there was no conflict because at that point you had a shared or nearly shared perception. So, that process requires several behaviors and mindsets that are not familiar to you both, and it’s similar to what is going on culturally.

Both people have parts of the truth, but they are too angry to talk to each other about it.   

So do you want to deconstruct one more incident and see if you can get to that place of shared perception there as well?

S: I’m fine with that.  

So, as supper was in process — we want to say that we not specializing in mind-reading. We have access to Linda’s mind because we are using her as the channel. And working with other people we would not have necessarily have access to this material, at least at this point in the development of the channeling. Do you understand that?

S: Uh-hmm..

So, you, Stan picked up a hot griddle and brought it to the table as the food was ready, leaving the burner on. And Linda for her own reasons, part of which was the busy-ness and the sharing of the meal preparation which can get a little territorial, challenged you for having carried the pot away without turning off the burner.

Now starting from that point, what would add to the ‘more information and generous listening’ and not defending anyone’s position? What would be the next step?

S: On my part, an acknowledgment that I’d left the burner on, and that there was kind of a “get-er-done” mentality that paid no attention and that has done it repeatedly over a long period but not very often. It does happen.  

Alright. That would have been more information that was relevant to the situation. And do you think she might have listened well?

S: She may have heard that but it doesn’t get to the anger at the bottom of it or the kind of rough-shod attitude that’s at the bottom of it. 

Of your conversation or hers?

S: Of mine. 

Get-er-done vs. request for changed behavior

Part of what you are both dealing with is respectful, clear communication. And part of is, sometimes there’s a request for change in behavior. We think that Linda’s request is for changed behavior.

That may not be what you are wanting. So that can be an issue too.

She is requesting that you bring your consciousness to bear and turn the burner off as you pick up the pan. And that may be something that for whatever reason you don’t wish to do, or that you wish to do in some other way.

But those are typical conversational challenges. You have not only the clear and respectful communication but sometimes you have requests for behavioral changes that one person wants and the other one does not.

What would your opinion be in this relatively calm moment about that unspoken request? For a commitment to attend to that in a different way than you have?

S: There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the request. Underlying that for me is a judgment and criticism of Linda’s nitpicking which I consider to be an overly concerned fearful attitude towards the world.   

That’s very clear.

S: And I refuse to live that way and comply with that. 

So it becomes not really about a burner left on in the kitchen. It becomes about your judgement of her as fearful.

S: Right. 

And your refusal to participate in that.

S: My refusal to make it a big deal. And I take it as a personal criticism of me because it stings.  

And in concert – the speaker and the burner – together with other situations in which I judge her to be fearful and constricted in life, it adds up to a quick reaction pattern in my case.

So now in this quiet moment, as you look at Linda as a whole, do you see her as a fearful person?

S: No. Not overall.

Do you see her as someone who lives her life in a fearful way? Compared to average? or even compared to above average.

S: No. 

But when it comes to a request of you, you see her as fearful.

S: No, I don’t see her as fearful overall. I see her as having an area of her life where she IS constricted, IS overly concerned. Obviously leaving a burner on is not something you want to do, but it’s also not a big deal.

So we’re going for challenging perceptions here. So when you were married to your previous wife, how would you have felt if once or twice a week you came into the kitchen and the burner was left on? What would you have said over time?

S: We need to pay attention to that, honey, could be dangerous.

And would that have been a mark of being overly fearful on your part?

S: In that way I don’t think so.

What would be different?

(long pause)

S: It’d be…. kind of gracious, and acknowledgement of a potential problem.  And yet when Linda does the same thing to me, I feel a sting of personal criticism.

  A third party in the marriage

So back to this situation, when she says “you left the burner on,” what do you hear?

S: My mother yelling at me.

So there is no way for Linda to share feedback with you without you feeling a personal sting.  Is that valid?

S: There might be a more gracious less pointed way to say it. I feel fear in Linda’s voice about the burner. And I think that puts a little sting in it.   

What changes would you be willing to make to shift this pattern?

S: I’d be willing to work on remembering to turn it off.

And the larger dynamic of hearing your mother when Linda asks something of you?

S: I’d be willing to discuss unpacking that fear-criticism from a gentle warning.

So your commitment is to talk about it with others, to talk about it with her? We’re asking what you are committing to.

S: It happens so sporadically I’m not sure how to work on it.  It happens in the moment. In a hurried moment and I’m not aware of a way to bring more presence to that moment, isolated by 2-3 weeks of no problem.

We suggest that you start with a serious look at the habit you have of hearing your mother’s criticism in normal household and spousal conversation. If you take that out of the equation completely then you have a woman and a man living together communicating with each other. But when you bring your mother into the marriage and everything you ever felt with your mother that was less than pleasant, you literally have a third member of the marriage.  And then simple things like leaving a burner on or bringing mud in the house are no longer simple between Linda and Stan. They are complicated because your mother is with you. And you are unable to distinguish between what’s accurate and what’s not.

You make judgments that are inaccurate. Linda feels completely shocked because she thinks she’s dealing with you and instead she’s dealing with perhaps a teenage boy who’s angry at his mother.  And for each incident, there could be answers found if your mother wasn’t part of it. Do you understand that?

S: Yeah.

Do you agree with that?

S: Yeah.  

For example, how many times you have license to leave the burner on without Linda getting freaked out. That could be straightened out. But not if your mother’s part of it.

S: Uh-hmm. And not if I’m already triggered by multiple fearful reactions on Linda’s part, or multiple criticisms. My mother’s not just somewhere in the background but an active angry reaction part in my life.

We respectfully offer that you will not see your wife as fearful and constricted when your mother is no longer riding with you everywhere. 

Can you hear her heart – and your own?

You will begin to see Linda as an adult woman who has certain preferences in life and sometimes your preferences match and sometimes they don’t. But they won’t be so difficult to navigate if you do what you need to do to put your mother forty years back in your life and not riding with you today.  

It’s normal for a husband and wife to not have every preference alike, but when you bring an angry judgment with you and call your beloved wife fearful, constricted and angry, how can you make love to her? How can you hear her heart? Do you really care to hear Linda’s heart?  Or do you care more about protecting yourself from your mother?  Do you hear how generous listening has gone out the door?  

S: Uh-hmmm.

You are carrying your mother with you. And there’s truly nothing Linda can do about that.  In fact, you carrying that version of your mother – which is only one version – produces more fear on Linda’s part. Because if Linda were carrying an angry judgmental father around on her shoulder and seeing you as that angry judgmental father three or four times a week, how solid would your marriage be?

S: Not very.

Advisor to the king

Do you understand why she might be more fearful because you are doing that? It makes her feel like she doesn’t know you. And that you’re not the man that she can trust. Which to some extent is true. You would not trust her very much if you knew that she were riding with an angry fundamentalist father on her left shoulder. And he had the ability to color her eyes so that as she looked at you, she saw him instead of you. 

It would color everything about your marriage.  And these little day to day incidents would not be easy to unravel with him riding there.

So we’re going to give you a picture of what is, right now. See your mother in her most angry, scornful blazing way. And put her on your right shoulder. Take her with you everywhere and let her interpret life for you. When you look at your wife, your mother has turned your wife into herself, because she’s so close. She has your ear. She’s like an advisor to the king.  

And you lose the ability to see Linda in this present moment because your mother is taking you back 40+ years. To every hurt she ever inflicted on you and every judgment you ever made about her.

Gooey paint from the past

All of those are the costume you put on Linda. And it leaves the two of you unable to navigate something simple like turning the burner off or where to place the speaker. Because you are not in the present moment. You are not just dealing with the facts of speakers on pavement or burners on stoves. Your memory-mother is blanketing that situation with gooey paint from the past. It’s all over everything.

And of course it colors your ability to feel close, to be close. It coats your heart.  As long as she’s there you cannot listen generously because she is whipping you up into a righteous fervor. So do you see this picture?

S: Yes.

What do you see as needing to be done?

S: Well, I remove my mother from my shoulder and work towards healing the wounds.

You may not be able to do that all in one step, you understand that?

S: Yes.  

In this moment

The process of removing yourself from the grip of the memory-mother that you imagine in your mind is a huge step on its own.  And the other piece is being in the present moment ANYTIME you have an exchange with Linda, even if it’s just breakfast, or getting ready for church. You can remind yourself that even though you haven’t done all the healing work, you are now, here, in this moment, with your wife.  And that has nothing to do with your mother. This you can do today. 

The deeper work of putting your mother off in the distance, forgiving your mother, forgiving yourself, that will take a little time. Bringing yourself into the present moment, today, takes no time.  It just takes a commitment.  And you will immediately find things are much easier to resolve when you are here in the present moment, and your mother is 30 feet away at least.  And if your commitment to that wavers just imagine your wife with an angry fundamentalist controlling father on her right shoulder and see if you want to be married to her.

S: Hmmm.

And remind yourself. It’s not about burners, it’s not about mud on the floor, it’s not about where speakers are placed. It’s about whether you’re in the present moment, and being real and authentic with yourself and your beloved. 

So we’ve given you two large assignments.  One is to separately do the healing and forgiving work about your mother, and the other is to be absolutely present and not let any hint of that work contaminate your moment by moment interactions.  Do you understand those two as separate assignments?

S: Uh-hmm…

Freeing your heart from the baggage

So we want you to check in with your heart right now. How does your heart feel at the prospect of making these changes?

S: Excited.

This is good work. It may not feel as loving as some of the beautiful things but we assure you it is. It’s not loving to carry around an angry shadow in your mind and to project it onto people that you love. Your heart closes down in that field of past anger coming with you everywhere. And what we are telling you is very specific but it’s also about freeing your own heart from that baggage.

You will be absolutely astonished at how much happier and freer you feel as you do this, that we’ve asked you to do. Can you feel that?

S: Yea.. I can feel towards that, I’m not sure I can feel it yet.

We are glad you come to listen. This is an important day. We are complete.


* The equipment was set up at an outdoor musical performance for Linda and Stan’s group.


See Yourself as a Novice Buddha Sitting Surrounded……


Conversations with Yeshua.  This is channeled material, edited minimally for clarity only. It is personal information given to me and my husband Stan, but relevant to many situations and this is one I am asked to share with the world. From a session with a client. 

Client:  I feel the biggest issue that I need help with right now is regarding how to make my living.  I need at least double what I’m doing now. I don’t know the best avenues if any to make that happen. I’d like guidance about how to find about the ways to do that if indeed that’s what I’m supposed to be doing.

Y.  The question has been received and we are giving Linda just a  little time to step to the side so that her thoughts do not intrude.

We see you as immensely rich, and at peace. We’re going to give you an image that you can meditate upon. We see you sitting upon your cushion, meditating, surrounded, literally in this order, by gold coins, by a ring of rich and beautiful foods, and by people listening to you, receiving what’s coming through you.  And you in the center, at peace, knowing all this is yours.

Meditation You have gifts that have come in with you, gifts that you have polished and refined, the gift of a soulful eye which you use with your art, the gift of kindness which you feel and practice towards the world at large and the gift of healing which you have honed by doing your own work.

Add to this the gift of your words, the ability to put all those things into words and you are —truly —gifted.

But we also know that you have old familiar shackles that you still carry with you that keep you from even remembering those gifts at times. They are heavy like a ball and chain despite all the work you’ve done, and you feel frustrated with this at times, is that correct?

C: Yes.  And more stubborn to change than I would like to admit. There’s something inside me I feel little control over that feels stuck and stubborn and unwilling to change. Fearful.


We are going to ask you to —and we are going to ask you to repeat this practice —we are going to ask to to do something that dis-identifies with your name and personality.

This could be an astral journey, or this could be a meditative practice. But within this we’re going to ask you to pretend you’ve died.

Pretend you have died.

Imagine how you would want to come back?  How would you bless this soul that is you with your greatest love?  as if for your dearest friend or your nephew or anyone you felt love towards.

How would you want them to come back to the next lifetime?  What would you gift them with?

And you don’t have to answer that now but if you have an answer we’re willing to listen.  What would you bless them with?

C: Love. Belief in their own gifts.

Would you bless them with a loving family, or a challenging family?  And if you don’t know that’s alright. Doesn’t matter.

C: I don’t know. I want to say a loving family.


C: It’s been hard without that. Hard to find a place to stand in my life. Hard to believe in myself.

Play with that. Meditate on that. And then, go through a ceremony for yourself. Die.

"Hello Darkness" tall bearded Iris
“Hello Darkness” Iris

Then come back with all these gifts that you already have refined and honed. But you don’t have to live them as You, The Wounded One anymore. You can let him die and you can have a beautiful ceremony, for all the good he’s done and all the hard work that he’s done.

You are a soul. You are not only what Your Self experiences. Do you believe that?

C: Yeah, I believe that, I just can’t quite comprehend it.

Well, let’s imagine for a moment. (We’re taking you out to the edge.) Let’s imagine for a moment that you had received a dire diagnosis last week, and this was perhaps the last expectation of a week with your family.

Everything would be sweet and rich. Even all the pain you’ve suffered in your life, yes?

C: Yes, probably.

And the people that have loved you, and the love you’ve experienced, and the teachers that you’ve had and the joys you’ve had with your cats.

And then, somewhere along in the next few months, you die.

And what happens then? What do you take with you and what do you leave behind?

C: I don’t know how that works. I think I take the love that I have cultivated.


C: I fear I also take the challenges and the stuck-ness. And the fears.

Do you believe you have to?

C: I’ve been told that’s the way it works.

You’ve been told you have to take that with you?

C: Well, that that’s the way the cosmos works. We carry with ourselves both the freedom and the stuck-ness.

Well we’re going to tell you that we don’t agree with that. And that you don’t have to take the stuck-ness with you. We’re not saying it’s not real, we’re saying you don’t have to take it with you.

And you don’t have to die to do what we’re describing to you. But you have to go through some sort of death.

C: Yeah. I understand.

Different traditions will give it different names. The tradition that we are in, as Yeshua, we would call it forgiveness, compassion, and complete surrender.  In other traditions it might be called the Emptiness. There may be other words for it. What we are suggesting is a complete Death.  to everything tangible and everything that feels stuck to you.

Wrestle with, if you need to, wrestle with the part of you that says “You have to take all this with you.”

We say to you that part is the unforgiveness. Unforgiving of yourself, unforgiving of certain others, and we know its there, we get that, but you do not have to take it with you. But you have to use more keys to unlock that since it is part of your belief system.

Death is actually a freedom, a release when a person gets too tired of the patterns, and a chance to start over with compassion, with love. Some people do bring more than others with them. But that’s not the rule. There is no requirement for that.

If you can go through a deep and radical forgiveness you can do it all and keep this same body.  It is possible and others have done it before you. If you start watching for those who have left behind a life of stuck-ness, a life of unforgiveness, you will see them. and we say to you, “You can do that.”

And when the voice comes up that says, “No, you’ve been too wounded, this will never work, it doesn’t work for me,” you respond, “When I die, I want to leave behind the stuck-ness. I want to leave with only Love, only Compassion, and hey, while I’m at it, I’m gonna do it before I die.”

Do you believe that’s possible?

C: I believe it, like, I hear the words, and it makes sense and I could see somebody else doing it, I don’t believe it in that I don’t know HOW, I don’t know Step 1 to take that I haven’t already tried a hundred times before. And with discouragement I say that.


Then the other suggestion we are going to make is this: we say to you this is possible. We say to you, you may want to make that decision in advance of your physical death to burden yourself less in your next lifetime, and we’re saying to you you can do it in this lifetime.

If you don’t believe it, call upon your favorite teachers and say, “Help Me Believe This!”

Any one of them, all of them.  And we’re sure you know this, you’ve told others this —you don’t have to know HOW to do it. You just have to have a sincere and deep intention.  And then kind of… go have fun.

C: Yeah, I know that. One of the most reliable ways I can get in touch with my open heartedness is I think of the many people who have honored me with their surrender to my wisdom.  And have asked me for help.

And most of them received help yes?

C: Yes.

You are no less worthy

C: I can almost get in touch with willingness to change just in order that I might be more available to more people.


C: I know there are limitations when I am more stuck.

The use of the word STUCK is not entirely accurate. We would describe to you that you, over the years, have certainly changed, you have certainly made progress. But this is a way you describe yourself, and to you it feels as if the soul progress, the soul unfolding, the awakening process is very slow.

So we would invite you to stop using the word stuck, and just say, “I would like to release more, faster, and if that means I need to forgive my mother, if that means I need to forgive Trump, if that means I need to forgive… I’m willing to do anything that’s real and loving in order to get unstuck.”

You may not be able to say that today. But that’s what we invite you to say. And of course, we won’t even try to describe to you what could happen in your life and in your work as you do these things.

We started you out with a vivid image. Instead of seeing you the way you see yourself now, as a stuck curmudgeon, see yourself as a novice buddha sitting surrounded by everything you could have ever wanted.  With people listening to your words and benefitting from them.

You are that. And it’s right there for you.

The answer to your question about your work is that the way you see yourself and the way you hold that stuck-ness as a default setting is the first thing that has to change.

You could market and market and market and as long as you hold that stuck energy feeling, you won’t have much more success than you have now. This is the answer that is relevant today.

If you were really facing Death how much do you want to take with you?  How much do you think God or the Universe or Karma requires you to take with you? Think about those things.   And then, if you choose, do it now, instead of at whatever time you choose to lay your body down.


Consciousness Is Moving Into The Mainstream

Fireworks Energy

Conversations with Yeshua.  This is channeled material, edited minimally for clarity only. It is personal information given to me and my husband Stan, but relevant to many situations and this is one I am asked to share with the world. From a session with Stan and Linda only.  

Linda’s concerns are about managing her mind to affect change in her life. We will speak to that as soon as she steps out of the way a little more.

So right now Linda —and Stan,  you’re not far behind with this as well —Linda you are going through a significant physiological change.  Just imagine, remember, the time when you were about to deliver one of the babies.  Remember the delivery itself and the aftermath. During those times, no matter how much you told your mind to calm down in your psyche, and your being-ness to relax — it wasn’t actually, really possible for you at that time.

And you’re in a major time of transition right now. Globally the human race is in transition right now.

Fireworks Energy
Fireworks Energy

Consciousness is moving into the mainstream. People who’ve long believed these principles that you believe are testing them. Do they really work in times of crisis and fear?

Other people are just in fear. This is happening globally.  Locally, personally, you are making physiological changes which are significant, even profound. and of course it’s important to continue with your meditative practices. But it’s also important for you to not judge yourself for not feeling the deep relaxation every day you wish you could

You are putting your body into a transition to aid in healing, you are learning, you are unlearning. And not all of those hours will be peaceful. However the more you refuse to indulge in fear, the more opportunities for peace you will find.

We are with you always. The outcomes you desire are not only possible, they are inevitable with the track that you are on, with your continued intention and your continued willingness to change. So take heart and take each step along the way. We will help you always.

Stan, do you have questions, or topics?

S. We’ve kind of covered my situation.

Pay attention to the energy of what you are putting out and the energy of what you are putting in (to yourself). Who are you thinking of, or what?  What activity or who can you think of that radiates a higher vibration than you are at, and therefore inspires you… and uplifts you, and moves you along? Can you give one or two examples?

S. I think this meeting with C. and the PNE group I can take a leadership role and be more confident and just stand up. (sigh…) 

Yes, that’s good.  However what we were asking you, is as far as you being around other other people, you absorbing things, what can you recognize in the last couple of weeks that is a higher vibration that helps lift you up?

S. Eckhart Tolle tapes.  Huge.

And are you aware that even though you don’t remember every word, or every teaching, that it still has an impact on you?

S. Oh yeah.  

This is energy. The energy of nature unaffected by humans’ unconsciousness. Whatever small or large part of nature you can find, that is…unaffected.  And part of that is in your backyard, when you go into the small, the miniature.  Part of it is in the grandeur of the wild and everything in between. Some of it is in teachers who have found a large measure of peace and the words to express that. Some of it is in people that you know:  Dr. J, and Rev. E., and J.S.

Pay attention to the energy that you are swallowing, the energy that you are absorbing and make sure that you consciously choose high vibrational intake for a great deal of each day.  And it will raise your own vibration and you will become THAT to another. Both of you.

Linda, we recommend that you use a recorded meditation. Track it down during your regular day, and use a recorded meditation for a few days assist you in your focus and to assist you in this transition time. You are in transition.

We encourage you, as your first remedy for thoughts of anxiety about another, to raise your own vibration. Make a playlist for yourself that includes several 10-30 minute meditations, and use it.

We want to encourage you to use your garden time not to figure out things, but to be present.   Be present to the plants, be present to the soil, be present to the insects. Just be present.

In a crunch, when you feel pressure and start to feel anxiety, remind yourself that everything’s always working out for good for you. Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists.*   Everything always works out for the highest and best. And the more you remember it the quicker the solutions arrive.

Remember we are with you always. And we are glad that you come to listen. This is one way of raising your vibration.

Channeling from 4-9-17

*”Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists.” is from A Course in Miracles, Introduction.  



People Find You When You are Shining Like This

Conversations with Yeshua.  This is channeled material, edited minimally for clarity only. It is personal information given to me and my husband Stan, but relevant to many situations and this is one I am asked to share with the world. From a conversation with a client.  


Client:   I wonder if you have any comments about my writing.  Last night I had an experience stimulated by a discussion with a friend who was very troubled.  I thought the discussion went pretty well and I was able to support her, but then in the middle of the night I lay awake for more than an hour with this kind of as-yet-unwritten blog post. Sometimes it’s hard for me to believe that this level of wisdom is coming through me. That it’s really trustworthy and it’s not just my ego. This applies also to my poetry. I feel kind of in awe of these things that come to me, and yet sometimes I don’t really honor them by writing them down.

That’s very well put. It is a condition of being human. Some people are gifted with this wisdom from early in life, and some open up to it as they mature and lessen the grip of the ego. Human artists are gifted with wisdom that is unique to them, but comes through many of them with a higher level of understanding, a higher level of awakening than they are ready to live.

This is the normal state of humanity. If you honor that gift and choose to grow with it by writing it down,  you still have the freedom to be the Censor.  You have the freedom to say, “Well, that one’s not going out into the world!” or  “Man, that’s good!” and get feedback by sharing it.

If you commit to doing that, the gift you get is that gradually you have your own coach, your own wisdom, your own counselor.  All you have to do is make some effort to open your eyes, and to benefit from what’s coming through you.

You have experienced that people respond to things that have come through you that seem very personal to you, and that to some extent you don’t even feel you have completely got yourself. You’ve stated that you can coach a young person and they will get it and here you are still struggling with the same issue.

C. Yes.

Universal Hall at Findhorn Stained Glass

This is not uncommon.  You can receive wisdom through you that is a higher level of awakening than you can sustain. That’s the irony. But the benefit is that if you continue to work with what’s coming through you, as your gift to yourself and to humanity, you almost inevitably will grow. It’s very difficult to keep bringing this material through and stay asleep.

C.   Well, I’m doing the best I can. I understand.

And so, if it seems worthy, put it down. You still get the right of censorship. But you’ll see, as you did with your poetry book, that there’s value in it, to others and to you. You could read through your book of poetry every few months and let it zing you.

C.  Yeah. 

“Oh my gosh… I didn’t understand that back then but now I do.”  This is normal for humans.  It may not be talked about much, but it is normal.

Artists don’t want to say “I didn’t really understand that when I wrote that book or that song.”  And then some of them gradually begin to live into the wisdom of what they’ve been putting down.  But it is there for you.  It’s also there for others.

Even if it seems foolish, when you have a strong urging to write it down we encourage you to do that and then decide later what is its fate.

C. Well it doesn’t seem foolish, it seems amazing. I’m kind of fascinated by the ideas that are coming. So far I’ve not had the time today to sit down and type it up.

This is how Linda experiences the channeling. It was 23 years ago that we first made contact with her.  It’s only been the last couple of years that she really considered the possibility that this connection might have gifts for herself and for the world— in what comes through her.  We ask you to consider:  if you were to regularly write when something comes to you that seems amazing, whether it’s a poem or a concept or a blog, that you write it down, soak it up, and share the ones that seem appropriate.

Can you consider how over the course of a few months or a year, that your life might change because of it?

C. Yep.

This is truly available to humans. But the reason it seems so extraordinary is that so few humans choose to listen. Your sense and Linda’s sense of amazement and shock are multiplied many hundreds of times over in ordinary humans… not that you are not ordinary humans but you understand what we mean.  You are both, to some degree, listening.

For most people the sense of immersion in the culture and the status quo are so strong that something that might disturb the status quo is just beyond their ability to see or hear. So the fact that you can both see and hear this is remarkable and you have arrived in a very tiny percentage of the human race.  But a very powerful percentage of the human race, as this is where the growth happens. This is where the unconditional love can break through.

People find you when you are shining like this.   

Channeling from 6-17-17

Out of the Rut, Leaving a Trail of Light

Conversations with Yeshua.  This is channeled material, edited minimally for clarity only.  It is personal information given to me and my husband Stan, but relevant to many situations and this is one I am asked to share with the world. From a conversation with a client.  

Client:  I have experienced a great deal of sense of separation and I’ve come to understand that it is separation not only from God but separation from my Self. I’ve had glimpses of not feeling that so much, but I still don’t know how to progress in the right direction of my Self or God. I’m asking for direction or teachings or practices that would help me to feel more connected with my Self and with God.

A very beautiful question. We hear the depth and clarity in the question.

C. There’s a lot of pain in that experience.

Yes, we understand that.

So we are willing to talk around this for a little bit, but the simplest answer is one that you already know and that you find difficult to live. Nevertheless we’ll start there and perhaps we’ll find additional guidance that will help.

The experiences you have had are real, in the human sense, and the pain is real… to the extent that the experiences have been real. But all experiences arrive in this present moment. If you don’t retell or rewind and replay the stories, you are safe and connected.

It’s as if the channel is stuck in a groove, a rut of going back to these stories of isolation and separation and aloneness. And injustice. When the channel keeps going back there you replay the pain, renew the pain. But the You that is now in this moment is not so disconnected as those stories are. For a variety of reasons.

You are sharing with others in your work numerous ways you know to be with yourself to experience life. The moments of sitting at a campfire and watching it are a connection with Self and a connection with both the non-physical world and the physical world. In that moment you are present. In that moment you don’t experience aloneness.

The groove of isolation was worn deep through many lifetimes of this. You have brought those experiences into this lifetime deliberately to bring them into consciousness, and heal them.

And in your healing you have gifts for others. Because many people experience it. Many people may not have gone as deep into the aloneness as you did, but they know what it is and they fear it. Your poems are like nuggets of pain wrapped in beauty that you can give to the world, that loosens the grip of that pain for others.

You are reasonably compassionate with yourself. But what is needed is if you can pull yourself into the Light, pull yourself into your own consciousness. Just like an addict who has struggled repeatedly, or a slave who has gone through many lifetimes as a slave, or someone who was brutally put to death – you have a deep groove, you have experienced many lifetimes of isolation and loneliness.

Now you are here, in this lifetime with tools, education, awareness and circles of comfort — resources to find your way out and in so doing leave a trail of light for others to follow.

Heart of Light by Adam C Johnson

So as you talk to yourself about all of this — if you say “there’s something wrong with the world, there’s something wrong with me that I had to experience so much desperate loneliness” then that’s part of continuing to make that groove deep. But if you say, “there are mysteries about being human on this planet and somehow I experience a lot of aloneness. But here I am, in a lifetime of healing and empowerment from that, and the more that I remind myself of that, the more that grip loosens, and the more nuggets and tools I have to help others as well.”

If you say that, it’s a different story, it doesn’t deny your pain. But it gives you a different story and a different meaning to it.

C. Well, your image of leaving a trail of light moves me…I feel so humbled that I do see myself doing that. And so grateful that I’m well enough to do that. But I still haven’t found a whole lot of relief in my own consciousness. There’s still just a lot of pain, a lot of loneliness, not very much companionship, not very much love and I’m just in a lot of fear. And I don’t .. I’m not very good at comforting all that.

What we would say to that specifically is that there are many physical circumstances for humans on this planet that seem to create suffering, and the suffering seems inevitable. When the pain comes and you say “I’m so alone, I don’t have companions, I don’t have a woman that I want,” and you want to say that to yourself because it seems true. And what we will tell you is that as difficult as it sounds, that the answer is… you can speak back to That Voice – and say “I do have friends. I do have people who love me. I don’t have so many friends or I don’t have someone to live with, but I do have people.”

It’s almost as if That Voice is a bully in your psyche, in your Self. And it’s up to you, the Conscious One, to respond with whatever measure of truth you can generate and believe. We know there’s a voice in you that’s screaming “But that won’t help!” and we’re saying that after you do that — respond — for awhile, you’ll realize that you do have more of what your bully was trying to tell you you had none of. And we say — That’s Not Nothing.

That is a way to improve (as Abraham says), to improve your vibration. With yourself you must be sensitive to the fact that you will fail if you say to yourself “I do have the ideal woman. She’s in my life and I’m married to her…” you will fail at that. Because you are not ready to believe it.

But if you instead speak back to That Bullying, Intimidating Voice that says, “You’re always alone. You don’t have anybody. You’re a loser,” and if you say, “No I do have friends. I have my buddy that I can call most anytime. I have G. I have T. I have my Circle.”

Declare the truth about what you do have, as a shield against the accusations, and your energy of being loved will expand. Your energy of being Loved and being part of a community, however small, is ready to grow. But you have to help it grow.

The voices from the pain of the past, the Pain Body, as Eckhart Tolle calls it, wants you to hurt more and forever. And the You that is YOU has to talk back to that voice and to notice what you have, and act on what you have. And what you have will flourish. We won’t try to tell you what could happen or under what timing, but anything that you lovingly tend… flourishes.

C I hear that.

We understand how diabolically tempting these stories of pain are. But we also know that you have a great deal of wisdom. It’s almost like you have to see those stories as the Pain Body, you have to see that Voice as the Devil that Sits on the Shoulder. You have to find your own way that makes sense to you to respond back.

Lest you feel too challenged by that, know that anyone wanting a physical healing has to do the same thing. Anyone who may be imprisoned has to do the same thing. Anyone who may be desperately poor has to do the same thing.

There are many conditions of lack or limitation to which this is the core answer. Sometimes there are people who are successful in saying “yes, I have the woman of my dreams, she’s here,” and in 2-3 weeks she appears.

But for most people the “all or nothing leap of faith” doesn’t work in chronic situations, and instead there’s this gentle slope: first, “I can believe I’m safe. I can believe there are people who love me. I can believe that there are people I can call when I need to.” Then, “I can believe that I have a whole set of activities, which I can write down, to do, to comfort myself when I feel this aloneness.”

You have to believe it until you’ve created this Swirl of Love and Light and Stardust and Connection around you and then it can begin to grow.

We’re showing an image of you, literally in your living room, swirling, twirling with sparkles around you, of the Light and Joy, of Energy, of Intention.

This Swirl is made up both of people who love you, but also of your own sense that you have tools, you have connections.

We hope you hear that not as an indictment of any sort but as a description.

One more image… you have a garden. To some degree you just leave it alone and it does what it does. Think of your favorite plants, perhaps a couple of heirloom tomatoes. One of them you go out and you love. You tell it how beautiful it is and how much you enjoy it and you lapse into paroxysms of delight when it gives you a tomato. The other one you go out and cry to, and tell it how sad you are that it’s not growing very well.

You can say “But I want More, and I want it bigger!” And we understand that, that’s legitimate. But anything will flourish more under gratitude than it will under lack.

Channeling from 6-17-17